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Important Values To Share


Important Values To Share

You don’t have to agree on everything in a relationship, or have the same opinions and personalities. But, there are some core values that you should see eye to eye on if you want your relationship to stand a chance at long lasting success:

  • Honesty. You’re in trouble if you don’t have the same policy on honesty. If it’s really important to one of you, then it had better be equally important to the other or you’re headed for relationship disaster.
  • Trust. If trust is really important to you but not to your partner you may be headed for trouble. Being able to trust in each other in the same way means you will have a strong foundation for whatever hurdles come your way.
  • Respect. Respecting each other, yourselves and other people is a value you need to share if you want a future together. If one of you doesn’t show the same level of respect as the other it’s going to be hard to stay happy together for long.
  • Family. If you value a tight-knit family connection and place a high importance on being close with your family and your partner doesn’t you’ll likely run into some hurdles. Sharing a similar set of family values will make things easier for you as a couple if you’re not always conflicting over it.

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